This blog is about rock, though perhaps not the kind you might have had in mind. Instead this rock is the kind that removes the clutter from your head and forces you to focus on what lies before you.
Although I love what I do, (as I hope and assume you do as well), there are times when I just need to get away. The complexities of life, the daily grind, the day’s news, to say nothing of being stuck in traffic on the freeway, all seem to unwittingly conspire to reduce us to mere automotans. I don’t know about you, but at these times I just need to escape. Last month, that is exactly what I did. I grabbed my camera, jumped into my old SUV and drove to Pep Boys where I got a tune-up, checked my tires and headed off to the mountains. First stop, the Grand Canyon.

As I sat there at the Mather Point lookout, watching the setting sun paint those monumental structures that define the canyon, my mind became a blank canvas. At that moment all that my thoughts centered on was what Nature wanted me to see and which laid right before my eyes. Suddenly, the world I had just left behind a mere 526 miles ago suddenly seemed not to exist; in fact, it seemed not to matter.

As the sun slowly descended, the mountains, formally red, gave way to a bluish hue.

The following day, after leaving the Canyon, I drove on to Arches National Park in Utah. By luck, I happened to snap a photo of a young couple walking past Delicate Arch illustrating the enormous size of the arch.

Next stop, Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona. Though often photographed, this slot canyon, never loses its magic. Indeed, a certain mysticism seems to permeate its narrow caverns. The Native American guides too, add much to the understanding of this magical place and represents a stark difference to the modern everyday hustle and bustle that brought me on this pilgrimage in the first place. Now its time for me to get back to the reality that is my life.

While driving in southern Utah I came across a gigantic round rock near highway 191. I’ve seen this rock before, but have never learned what it is called, or if it had any special significance. Its huge mass standing alone in the midst of the desert begs the question whether it has any appeal as an attraction. If not, it certainly needs to be. All of sudden a silliness struck me. If someone doesn’t name this rock soon I thought, I will be forced to name it myself. I am including it here in this blog so that someone can tell me what it is called. If noone acts soon, I will be forced to name it myself. I’m thinking of naming it HARD ROCK. That’s a threat, so beware. Driving home it seemed the euphoria of the previous days had given way to silliness. Nonetheless, getting away was just what I needed to clear my head and prepare for what I love to do.