Last month I blogged about children. This month I address the opposite end of the age spectrum, seniors. In fact, the elderly happens to be one of my favorite photography subjects.

Most younger people hold the stereotypical view that seniors are a drag, irrelevant, and burdensome. I however, take a more positive view. In the faces of the elderly I see treasure troves of history, experience and wisdom sculpted in their faces. Furthermore, what I find most engaging is their substance, a quality many others lack. Rarely do I sense shallowness among them. While aiming my camera at those wrinkled faces I cannot help imagining the lives they led and the stories they could tell. Each wrinkle, like a well deserved badge of honor, capsulates the essence of their personal histories; histories of past loves, pain and suffering, sadness and joy. As a photographer the challenge then for me is to capture that history with honor and dignity through my chosen medium.

This elderly, wrinkled and fragile Mexican woman is symbolic of the stereotypical views held by many younger people. What they see is merely the exterior, not the substance. This woman was not always old however, and no doubt has a few stories of her own to tell. What one sees externally, does not always coincide with that which lies internally. Undoubtedly, along the way, this woman too, has earned a few badges of courage of her own.

Age clearly, hasn’t hindered this old weathered seaman. In fact, curiosity begs to know his life’s story.

These three ladies, lifelong friends, can still enjoy an ice pop in the park.

He may be old and fat but at least he’s hanging out on the beach at Cabo San Lucas (and you’re not).

Where once you could find your grandfather sitting in a rocking chair in front of the television set, today you can find him along with his friends out lawn bowling.

Relaxing alongside the beach in Mexico outside their large RV, this couple refuses to get old.

The moral of this blog: Millenials, don’t hang your opinions on wrinkles. If you’re lucky, you too will live a full and robust life, and earn your own set of wrinkles. =============================================================
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