Ah kids, ya gotta luv’em. Well maybe not all of them. But those under the age of 6 are especially cute and cuddly, just like adorable puppies and kittens. Although I generally avoid most cute little boys and girls as subjects, there are some I can’t avoid. The same holds true for kittens and puppies. Don’t get me wrong however; it’s not that I have a dislike of kids, or pets for that matter, it’s just that taking photos of the little buggers is like shooting fish in a barrel. Besides, photographing kids doing cute things seem so cliche-ish. That said, I must confess there are times that I give in and actually shoot those proverbial cuties in their barrels. The images below are a few examples.

This little photographer composes and focuses on her subject.

This young street urchin stole my heart on the streets of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

Although this young girl and her fawns represent what I call a shameless photographic cliche, I could not avoid the innocence of the moment.

Two little Mexican girls make the final adjustments in preparation for the fiesta.

Two little adorable Mexican sweeties

These three little smiling boys begged to have their pictures taken, and I was all but too eager to oblige them.

And finally, a photo of a boy and his dog, the ultimate cliche; yet a satisfying one for this non-apologetic photographer.

While wars, financial crises and natural disasters are daily reminders of our fragile existance it is often refreshing to stop and capture the innocence of a small boy and his dog before returning to the not so realities of our daily lives.

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