By the way, don’t expect an answer here. From my viewpoint it is merely one of those unanswerable questions we love to debate yet knowing we can never truly define it. It is similar to the word “nowhere“, we can’t describe it, but we know it exists. That said, it would seem the real question should be why do we persist in seeking an answer to that which is unanswerable? Much greater minds than I have tackled the definition of art. Some say it is merely that which is born of human creativity. Others say art is a form of creative expression, that is channeled in different ways. Our concept of art today however, is somewhat different than what it had been in earlier times. Then, an artist was not seen an artist as we now perceive it. In fact, the idea of art and artist are relatively recent perceptions.

In the end where does that leave us? Is there any definitive interpretation of art? Could there be some objective standard that separates  the paintings of Da Vinci from the gang sprayings on an inner city building?  Personally I cannot say but I concur with Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart when he said, regarding pornography, “I know it when I see it.”

SO, what is art? I invite you to render your opinions on the images below, all of which depict a variety of  forms that, in your view, may or may not be described as art.

blog by: Ron Saunders

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